Nic Nicosia

24 Hours, (second by second), 2018

From the late 1970s Nic Nicosia staged and constructed sets, objects, and situations to be photographed rather than reproducing something that already exists. These conceptual fabrications ranged from elaborate sets with live actors, to dioramas and abstract constructions. Over the past decade Nicosia has increasingly turned to drawing and sculpture taking what he has learned from his photographic practice to explore time, mortality and memory. This series of graphite drawings is an attempt to visualize time. Referred to the artist as “meditation drawings,” 24 Hours II requires the artist to take on a contemplative state. Keeping count of the lines is essential, each line representing a second in time. Nic Nicosia (b. 1951) received a Bachelor of Science in radio-television-film from the University of North Texas in 1974. Lives in Dallas, Texas.

24 Hours II, (second by second), 2018

Graphite on paper

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