California Dreaming

We have partnered with the esteemed global auction house, Sotheby’s, to present an exhibition of works created in the studios of Mixografia, a Los Angeles based print publisher. The selection comprises editions produced in the past 20 years by well-known pioneering artists from the Pop-Art and Conceptual art movements such as John Baldessari, Ed Ruscha and Alex Israel, amongst others; each work representing the artist’s recognizable visual language within the context of Mixografia’s unique three-dimensional print making processes. For each of the artists in the show, print making is an integral part of their artistic output, an essential way to explore alternate media and push the boundaries of artistic expression.

For decades, Mixografia has distinguished itself as the publisher of complex works redefining the boundaries of the printmaking medium. Originally established in 1968 as Taller de Gráphica in Mexico City by Luis Remba, and based in California since the 1980s. The publisher attracts artists from all over the world, setting new standards in graphic arts, owing to their liberation from the strictly two-dimensional process of works on paper. Mixografia has exhibited in museum shows internationally and their publications hold prominent positions in the printmaking careers of important contemporary artists such as Ed Ruscha, John Baldessari and Tom Wesselmann. Sotheby’s is proud to partner with Mixografia, offering access to its prints directly from the publisher.

This diverse show includes works by six acclaimed artists: 
 - John Baldessari (1931-2020) 
- Dario Escobar (B. 1971) 
 - Alex Israel (B. 1982) 
 - Ed Ruscha (b. 1937) 
 - Donald Sultan (B. 1971) 
 - Tom Wesselman (1931-2004)

All of the works in the show are for sale. To learn more about the artists, pricing and availability, click here.

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