Application for Culture Member

Culture Members are individuals who have applied and been selected by the Membership Team to enjoy a discounted membership at Park House in order to enhance the cultural experience and diversity of our membership base and to elevate the Club’s artistic, creative and non-profit community. 

What is the profile of a candidate considered for the Culture Membership Category?

  • An individual whose creative occupation does not afford them the opportunity to support the cost of our other membership levels. *We encourage individuals working in these sectors with an income under $70k per year to apply for this special rate*
  • An individual whose primary occupation is within the Arts Community and involves physical expression of creativity. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Visual Arts (Architecture, Drawing, Filmmaking, Painting, Photography, Sculpting, etc)
    • Performing Arts (Dance, Music, Theatre, etc)
    • Literary Arts (Creative Writing, Journalism, Blogging, etc)
    • Design (Interior, Fashion, etc)
  • An individual whose primary occupation is within a Non-Profit Organization
  • The Culture Member is open to collaborating (not required) with the Club from a programming standpoint to bring unique programming and events to Park House.
    • For example, the Culture Member is…
      • a designer who hosts an interior design themed class for our members.
      • a performing artist who performs a skit for our members.
      • a creative writer who hosts a book discussion for our members.

  • Note:
    The Culture Membership Group will be limited and capped each year.
    All Culture Members must reapply after one-year of membership.
    All Culture Members must pay the Annual Dues $500/year. Initiation Fee is waived.
    Culture Members are welcome to provide potential Culture Member referrals for outreach.
    Membership includes full access to Park House amenities, programming events, and the ability to host Private Events at the Club.
    The Culture Member must set up a House Account or present a valid credit card at the times of charges incurred at the Club.

Before You Apply

Please enter your unique e-mail address and mobile number to continue.  If you share the same mobile number with someone else, please enter an alternate number or just your unique e-mail address.

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